Workshop H2BioCatO2 2017

Scientific meeting to be held in Castellón (22-24 Nov 2017). Book of abstracts available here.




Intermediate H2BioCatO2 meeting

H2BioCatO2 network organizes its intermediate meeting at  Bilbao from 10 to 12 July 2017. At that meeting each of the research groups will explain the progress on the scientific collaborations among the different groups of the network. Bilateral meetings between research groups are also planned.

Some planned talks:

Molecular catalysts for artificial photosynthesis: from oxidation water oxidation to carbon dioxide fixation, Marcelino Maneiro (USC), 10/07/2017.

Estudio cinético-mecanístico sobre la formación y descomposición de complejos macrocíclicos de manganeso, Andrea Liberato (UCA), 10/07/2017.

Conductividad superprotónica en MOFs metaloporfirínicos bioinspirados, Arkaitz Fidalgo (UPV-EHU), 11/07/2017.

Simple copper complexes suitable for dioxygen activation, Siegfried Schindler (JUL), 12/07/2017.


First H2BioCatO2 meeting

The H2BioCatO2 network is launched. The first meeting will be take place in the Institute for Molecular Science (ICMol) of Valencia on 7-9 March 2016.

Success in the announcement of Networks of Excellence

The network H2BioCatO2: Biomimetic metallic complexes: Utilisation of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide, coordinated by prof. Manuel García Basallote, has been evaluated very positively and conceded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

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